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We have always loved Lip augmentation using fillers or Russian Lip Filler. The filler Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is used to improve the volume or shape of the lips. It can be used to address concerns like unevenness, thinness, or loss of volume. You can also change the contours of your lips, creating a “cupid’s bow”. Lip augmentation is a skill that requires a lot of artistry.

Russian Lip Filler

The Russian lip technique creates subtle shapes in the lips, much like the ones you’d see in Russian stacking dolls (or matryoshka or babushka), and adds volume to the center of the lips. The technique lifts the lips rather than adding volume like traditional lip fillers. This makes them look natural and is a great option for anyone considering filling their lips with lip fillers. This technique makes your lips look flatter than normal lip filler techniques.

What makes the Russian lip filler technique different?

Traditional lip fillers are injected at the border of the lips and work inwards. However, the Russian Lip Filler technique injects tiny drops of filler vertically at the base to draw the product outwards. This technique expands, lifts, and opens the lips without compromising projection.

To make injections more controlled and to prevent the filler from spilling over into unintended areas, smaller syringes will be used. This allows for more shaping options. Although it may take longer than traditional lip filler, it is definitely worth it.

russian lip service by prestige md clinic in thornhill and oshawa


Is it painful to use the Russian Lip Filler?

No. It’s more like a tingling sensation rather than pain because the fillers were injected at the base of your lips and not the border.


Who is eligible to get Russian Fillers?

The best canvas is the blank one, for obvious reasons. It would work well for someone who has never had lip fillers done. However, if you have ever had a filler done to your lips, it will be removed by dissolving prior to your appointment.


How do I choose the best lip filler technique for me?

We can help you with that. We offer a complimentary consultation before any treatment to help you decide the best course. We recommend the Russian Lip Filler if you’ve never had your lips filled. This technique gives you a subtler look than the famous “duck-pout”.

Is The Russian Technique More Effective at Bruising and Swelling?

Multiple injections can be made using the Russian technique with smaller points. This may make the bruising more obvious, but these subsidies are not to be considered dangerous.


How long does it take to master the Russian Lip technique?

The Russian lip takes twice as long to create as the standard lip filler technique. It takes time to place tiny drops of product between the lips tissue. This results in a uniform, smooth finish with a lip lift effect. Filler placement requires the practitioner to be clear. To achieve a smooth result, patience and calmness are essential. The application will take between 30-45 minutes.


What is the life expectancy of Russian lips?

The Russian lip filler is as long-lasting as the traditional lip fillers. It’s not the product that is different, but the technique used.

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