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You must be realistic about how long your lips fillers will last before you start looking for ways to prolong their life. Although dermal fillers such as Juvederm don’t produce permanent results, the effects can last for up to 12 months.

There are no magic tricks to prolong the life of your lip fillers, but there are steps you can follow to preserve your gorgeous pout.

This includes:


1. Follow the After-Care advice

Lip fillers don’t require downtime so it is tempting to continue with your daily routine right away. Your skin specialist will give you specific instructions for after-care, which it is important to follow.

This is why it is important. You will be less likely to develop swelling or bruising if you avoid alcohol and exercise for 24 hours. You can prolong the life expectancy of your lips by taking good care of them from the beginning.


2. Reduce Stress

Stress can have a significant impact on your health. But did you know it can also affect your lip filler results? Stress can cause your filler to break down faster due to the extra hormones that it produces. This could lead to more repeat treatments.

You need to find ways to reduce your stress levels. It is impossible to avoid stressful situations in life. However, you can find ways to reduce your stress levels and maintain your health (and your lip filler results).


3. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

You should always use sunscreen when you are outside. Also, limit your exposure to the sun during the hottest hours (11 am – 3 pm). This is especially important after you have had lip filler treatments. High UV exposure can cause some fillers to deteriorate faster and your body to absorb them more quickly than you would like.


4. Eat a Healthy Diet

Did you know that junk food can lead to inflammation, which could make your dermal fillers more susceptible to oxidation? It is recommended that you eat healthy after your treatment. This includes eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and oily nuts and fish.


5. Maintain your top-up appointments

You can ensure that your lips don’t change in size by following a regular filler maintenance program. If you wait 12 months before you have a refill, your lips will likely return to their original size and shape. This makes the results more visible once you’ve had your treatment.

Want a natural plump? Ask your skin specialist when is the best time for you to have a top-up. You might not need to inject as much filler if you do this regularly.

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