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Russian Lip

russian lip service by prestige md clinic in thornhill and oshawa

what are russian lips?

This technique creates a delicate heart shape in the lips with more volume at the center. It’s similar to a Russian doll. This technique tends to lift the lips rather than add volume, making it ideal for those who are new to lip filler or just want a natural look. A ‘flatter appearance will be noticed as plumpness is not the goal. You can achieve both if you wish!

This technique requires an artist’s touch, so it is even more important that you find a reliable injector.

frequently asked questions

An injector using the Russian Lip technique injects product vertically, rather than traditional lip filler. The injector starts at the base of your lip and draws the product towards the lip border. The injector does not start at the lip border and works inwardly, but instead works from the inside.

This technique can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes which also includes preparation time.

Prestige MD Clinic uses the Juvederm Family of Fillers. Depending on the product used, the Hyalouronic acid lip filler will usually last 6-12months with touch-ups every 3-9months.

Absolutely not. It is possible to keep pain to a minimum by using fewer entry points and one border (which is where the sensitivity comes from).

No anesthesia is best for lip fillers. The light-handedness of our injectors and the injection sites of this technique means that there is no pain or sensation during treatment. Anesthesia can cause swelling and asymmetry in the lips, which can lead to more downtime after surgery.

The best canvas for work is one that hasn’t been touched before. However, you will need to remove any previous products from the lips, whether they were done by us or another clinic, prior to your appointment.

Russian Lip technique does not require any filler to be placed around the lip border. To make the technique fully functional, you will need to dissolve any previous lip filler.

russian lip service by prestige md clinic in thornhill and oshawa

Russian Lips vs normal lip fillers

The techniques for lip augmentation using Dermal Fillers are more common. The product is usually injected into the vermillion line and then into the body of your lips with a needle or cannula. This will work from the outside of your lips inwards. To enhance the shape and volume of the lips, this will result in a prominent lip border that can be seen from the side.

The Russian lip technique uses vertical injections. They are injected into the base of your lips and draw out to the outer edges. The lips will be shaped to flip or lift the lip rather than adding volume. This is also known as lip tenting, or the pillar technique. It can improve the cupid’s bow without adding any extra volume or side profiles to the lips.

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