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skin tag removal

4 reasons a professional should remove skin tags

prevent risk of infection skin tag removal thornhill

Avoid Risk of Infection

prevent scarring skin tag removal thornhill and oshawa

Avoid Loss of movement from scarring

entire removal of mole or skin tag thornhill and oshawa

Removal of entire mole or skin tag

years of experience with skin tag removal

years of experience makes a difference

and more...

what are skin tags?

Most skin tags do not need to be removed or treated; however, many people feel discomfort when skin tags get caught on clothes or jewelry. Some people want them to be removed for cosmetic reasons.

Skin tags are small, soft flaps of tissue protruding from the skin with a connecting stalk. These tags are most common in the skin folds around the eyelids, neck, groin, and armpits. 

These are caused by loose collagen fibers, which can get lodged in thicker skin areas. The cause of skin tags is unknown, but they pose no threat of developing into cancer.

frequently asked questions

facts about the skin tag removal process

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